Our projects

Energy Innovations

Project ENABLE

ENergy Alternative: Basic Learning on Ecodevelopment

The ENABle project is "energy" education or the formation of a new culture of energy consumption of the population, providing a qualitatively new level of relations between the state and a citizen, when the citizen is protected by an understanding of the real potential of his rights and responsibilities. Restoration of the rule of law and responsibility of the authorities towards the people, as a consequence, the construction in Ukraine of a free and influential society with high social and economic standards of citizens' lives.

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Innovations in health care

Project "Memorial Rehabilitation Center"

Create a new life for you

NGO Green Stripe faces an overwhelming task - to implement a project on the opening of the Memorial Rehabilitation Center, whose work will provide, on a multi-year basis, military personnel - members of the antiterrorist operation and citizens of Ukraine who are obliged to move from the zone of fighting to other regions with complex rehabilitation measures (psychological, Medical and social).

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Civic Initiative

Project "The Bell of Peace and Unity"

The values of peaceful life

Sad events in the East of Ukraine and in Crimea reflexively encourage society to form special distinctive features of a free Ukrainian nation, uniting all the regions of the country with one idea.
The Green Stripe team is rich in enthusiasm to realize the idea of the master Bohdan Mazur - the construction of the memorial architectural composition Bell of Peace and Unity.

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