The objectives of the project are:

  • Providing advisory assistance (legal / project) to the population, small and medium-sized businesses on specific issues related to theimplementation of energy-efficient technologies.
  • Explanatory work with the population regarding the rights and instruments of citizens' influence on state policy, particularly in of tariff policy.
  • Effective saving methods in terms of ensuring Ukraine's energy independence, rising energy costs and related state services.
  • Formation of a modern national platform for the exchange of experience in the implementation of energy-efficient solutions.

Purpose: The dialogue between actors and consumers in the energy industry aimed at disseminating and clarifying information about:

  • tools and means of increasing the efficiency of consumption and energy conservation;
  • algorithm of formation of tariff charges;
  • consumer rights and obligations of the provider of services to the population;
  • the results of implemented reforms in the energy sector of Ukraine and strengthening the participation of civil society;
  • comparative analysis of European and domestic legislation, prospects of implementation of certain norms in Ukraine.