Achieving of the goal will facilitate the return of participants of anti-terrorist operations to productive employment and increase their competitiveness in the labor market. The uniqueness of the Center will be aimed at developing a sustainable and effective program of socio-psychological adaptation of ATO participants, and will also provide close cooperation with the relevant world institutions: the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and other international medical foundations, foreign rehabilitation centers.

A significant obstacle in solving of problems of psychological rehabilitation is the lack of sufficient number of practical psychologists, since training, retraining and advanced training in specialized curricula that take into account the acquisition of qualification in psychological rehabilitation of persons of psycho-traumatic stress after hostilities in Ukraine were not carried out.

The Memorial Rehabilitation Center is a multi-stage project to create an open social (public) platform that generates a special format for cooperation between all subjects of providing psychological and medical rehabilitation, exchange of experience.

That is why, during the implementation of the Project, the Green Stripe team recognizes the following tasks as a top priority:

  •  introduction of world-renowned innovative technologies and methods of social and psychological rehabilitation for military personnel and civilians affected by combat operations;
  • the organization of information and explanatory campaign on the expediency of receiving psychological assistance to risk groups (combatants, law enforcement officers, civilians from conflict zones) in order to promote the culture of receiving such assistance and to understand the irreversibility of the impact of psycho-traumatic stress;
  • On the basis of the Center scientific and methodological support will be provided to the process of social-psychological assistance to combatants and members of their families, organization of training courses for medical personnel.

Project's mission: Creating a unique place for psychological, medical and social adaptation and rehabilitation - the Memorial Rehabilitation Center, on the basis of which a full range of medical-rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort services will be provided according to the world-renowned standards and criteria of defined services providing.